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Sunday, 26 August 2007
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Wind farm on South Point, Big Island of HawaiiPoint focus parabolic dish with Stirling System at Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in SpainA photovoltaic cell produces electricity directly from solar energy
Hydroelectric power stations produce indirect solar power. The Itaipu Dam, Brazil / ParaguayCoal rail cars in Ashtabula, Ohio
A nuclear power station. Non-radioactive water vapor rises from the hyperboloid shaped cooling towers. The nuclear reactors are inside the cylindrical containment buildings.General Motors EV1Biodiesel sample
2004 Toyota Prius, a hybrid gas-electric vehicleMany stoves use natural gas.The twisty branch of a Lilac tree


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and market energy efficient  and alternative energy systems. 

Some examples of such systems include...

  • Distributed power generation
  • Co-generation systems for onsite generation of electricity, heating and cooling.
  • Solar power
  • Solar thermal heating and cooling units (co-gen)
  • Vehicle conversion kits to electric/hybrid, and multi-fuel powered.
  • Wood Powered Vehicles
  • Compact custom gasifiers for vehicles
  • Wood and charcoal fueled gasifiers for vehicle and stationary use
  • Small to large scale synthetic fuel production plants.

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iENERGY is incorporated in the United States, State of Virginia, created for the purpose of satisfying the changing energy needs of people in the United States and abroad by developing, promoting and marketing various energy systems.  These systems utilize both new technologies and incorporate the innovative use of well established technologies.

iENERGY is an innovative new company formed to help meet the worlds changing energy needs with a focus on total energy efficiency and alternative energy systems.  Existing technology is integrated with new development to produce various high efficiency and alternative energy  systems. iENERGY serves as an organizational structure to develop, market, and implement  these systems and services internationally.  All development is incremental and low risk using strategies that minimize development costs and maximize profit potential.

The iENERGY Strategy

The iENERGY market strategy is to provide high efficiency and alternative energy systems of various types in ways that advance energy efficiency by reducing waste energy losses on the production side as well as energy waste at the individual level of consumption.   In addition to minimizing energy waste and losses at both production and consumption, various iENERGY systems are also environmentally friendly and based on the sustainable use of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass (wood, agricultural and human waste etc...). 

Renewable energy sources are abundant and will always be available to satisfy the needs of people worldwide in our modern industrial global civilization.  Renewable energy sources are clean, non-polluting, and do not add additional carbon dioxide emissions to the Earth's atmosphere and thus, do not contribute to the theoretical problem of global warming. 

The iENERGY Vision

Our vision is a forward looking one, which includes:

  • Our team members looking forward to working with iENERGY every day
  • Our customers looking forward to doing business with us and benefiting from our products and services.
  • Our investors looking forward to realizing substantial returns, while contributing to the economic and technological development of humanity.  

Our strategic long term vision is to contribute to increasing energy efficiency at all levels of energy production and consumption, to maximize the economic benefit of energy produced, and to provide various innovative alternative energy systems.  Such systems include cogeneration units, solar power generation, gasification systems, vehicle conversion kits to electric/hybrid, wind, and synthetic fuel production plants.  

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