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Sunday, 26 August 2007
Founder & President:


Jonathan Pratt

Is the Founder, President and Chief Innovator of iENERGY Inc..  Mr. Pratt wears many hats including web designer, inventor, and executive.  Mr. Pratt is a NASA IT, A+, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard certified IT professional.  His most recent career contribution is to the NASA Langley Research Center, as a senior computer systems administrator for 5 years.

iENERGY was formed out of a recognition by Mr. Pratt, of the great need in both the United States and abroad for energy efficient systems, infrastructure, and several alternate sources of energy that would benefit both developed and developing nations.  The initial focus of iENERGY is to contribute to bringing affordable and reliable energy efficient and alternative energy systems to the market.

Vice President & Secretary:

Olga Crupper

Mrs. Crupper is president of the highly successful Human Relief Organization (HRO) a Virginia Non-Profit corporation that has delivered over 100 million dollars in aid to people in need worldwide since incorporating in 1995.  Mrs. Crupper has a Business Administration degree and excels in personal and business diplomacy with fluency in 6 languages and countless friends and associates worldwide. 

Mrs. Crupper has a close relationship with iENERGY largely because the technologies of gasification and alternate energy sources are intimately linked to improving the conditions of the worlds poor and aiding in the upliftment of developing nations.  Gasification and other systems create jobs, electricity, heat, clean water, and power for irrigation exactly at the local levels that they are needed the most.

For more information on the Human Relief Organization see the HRO website at  



Brian Landrum

Mr. Landrum is the Vice President of Old Point national bank.  Brian has extensive experience in the banking and Finance Field having served in a career spanning 31 years.  Mr. Landrum holds a BA in business administration from Lynchburg College.  In addition to his extensive experience as an bank executive, Mr. Landrum also specializes in bookkeeping and accounting.

Senior Gasification Scientist

Tom B. Reed

We are honored to have Mr. Reed on our team as Senior Gasification Scientist.  Mr. Reed is an Inventor, Scientist, Engineer & Teacher.  Mr. Reed holds a BS in Physical Chemistry (Northwestern University) and a PhD in Physical Chemistry (University of Minnesota).  His area of expertise includes: Alternate fuels, Biomass Gasification, Biomass energy and economics, High temperature techniques, Solid State Materials, and Thermodynamics.  For a complete list of Mr. Reeds accomplishments, patents, papers, and professional experiences, please click here.

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Demerly

Paul has over 17 years of experience providing integrated IT solutions to
academia, corporate and federal government customers.  He has recent project
management experience as the Server Operations Lead for Lockheed Martin at
NASA Langley Research Center.

After working as an IT professional in the Chicago area for ten years, Paul
relocated to Virginia in 2002.  His prior commercial consulting accounts
supported real estate, engineering and legal vertical markets.

Mr. Demerly holds a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering from
Purdue University.  His expertise includes the design, implementation and
testing of network, server and software infrastructure.


Director of Solar Technology, Aerospace Division

Joe Byers

LCDR Joe Byers has spent the last 19 years in aviation maintenance while serving his country in the United States Navy.  He has an extensive background in hydraulic system maintenance through his initial training as an Aviation Structural Mechanic Hydraulics (AMH) technician.

After serving ten years enlisted, he was commissioned an Ensign (Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer) on 1-June-96.  On 1-July-05 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander  and recently completed a Masters of Aeronautical Science through Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  He currently is a Professor in Aviation Safety Program Management with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University teaching courses at McGuire Air Force Base in Trenton, N.J.

During 2003,  Joe completed an extensive and comprehensive research project resulting in the implementation of an aircraft fuel cell modification (EFC-100) by Performance Aircraft Fuel Systems Specialists and the incorporation of a rapid action minor engineering change for thirteen Navy and Marine Corps C-9B aircraft.  His efforts resulted in an annual cost savings of $1.2 million in aircraft depot fuel cell repair costs and greatly enhanced aircraft logistical support to the war fighter. 

During March 2004, Joe was selected as Commander Fleet Logistics Support Wing Aircraft Maintenance Officer of the Year due to his extreme vision, tenacity and unequalled  aircraft expertise.   

On 15-May-2005 he was awarded the Navy's Commendation Medal for superior performance and was recognized as the Naval Officer that has made the most significant contributions to the aviation maintenance and logistics fields of the Naval Air Force Reserve.

Joe resides in Poughkeepsie, New York with his wife Melanie. 

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